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Now that the basics of garbage collection are behind us, in this post I’ll discuss the Garbage Collectors that are available for us to choose from. Before we go there, let’s first look at two key measures that will help us evaluate the available garbage collectors. The time spent by an executing application can be […]

The image below demonstrates what the JVM heap might look like after an application has been running for some time. As we saw in the last article, the JVM’s heap is divided into 3 main areas – the permanent generation (purple), the old generation (yellow), and the young generation. The young generation area is further […]

Garbage collection in the JVM is often treated as a dark art. We know that we’re supposed to be thankful to the JVM for freeing us from worrying about the intricacies of memory management. At the same time, we’d like to retain some amount of control over this process as well. The challenge for most […]