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The easiest way I’ve found to get my contacts from Outlook to my Droid X … check out transferring contacts between Outlook and Gmail . Decidedly low tech – but it was much easier than retyping To sync your calendar – try Google Calendar Sync. Good luck!

What a pain the Droid X is turning out to be. I can’t live with it, and I can’t live without it. It’s like a pair of shoes that look and feel amazing, but just don’t fit quite right. You spend a lot of time hoping your feet were of the right size It’s actually […]

I spent some time last night installing and configuring the Netgear WNDR3700 router, and was blown away by everything that this little device does. In addition to serving as a gigabit and wireless router (its raison d’etre), I now have an installed NAS device, and a DLNA-compliant media server to boot! The highlight of this device […]