Hi! Welcome to my blogs.

I’m an inveterate programmer and love all things tech. There’s nothing that doesn’t interest me to some degree. 

  • I love to share my opinions on anything under the sun … politics, religion, products, technology, nothing is too safe or sacred for me to have an opinion on.


  • I am not dogmatic with my opinions. I love the concept of “strong opinions weakly held” … and am always willing to change my viewpoint as long as there’s a convincing argument one way or the other.


  • I love to be asked for my thoughts or advice. I’m a regular reviewer as part of the Amazon Vine program, and there’s nothing better for my sense of self than to think that someone out there cares for what I think.


  • I hate to think of myself as an “architect”.
    After almost a lifetime in the industry, I still introduce myself as a “software engineer”. In the building industry, I’d prefer to think of myself as a construction engineer out in the field, who isn’t aftraid of rolling up his sleeves to get work done – rather than as the architect who sits in a cushy office drawing up plans and making models. Don’t get me wrong - I have nothing against architects – many of my best friends are architects  :) Its just that I don’t see myself as aspiring to become one.


  • I can talk your ears off given half a chance. My wife claims that I gave her a headache at our first meeting. I have a lot to share, am generous with all that I know, and find it my solemn duty to fill in silences in a conversation.  If you want to test this out for yourself … simply mention Tomcat or Java classloading and then stand back … far back!