The simplest and easiest backup solution is built right in Redmond!

I’ve used SyncToy for a number of years now and this program is a nice little gem – sort of XCOPY with a GUI. It can be downloaded from here.

It takes pairs of source and destination directories and then keeps them in sync. It works great for backing up photographs, for instance. And, the best part is that the files are exact copies – no need to worry about native backup formats.

Even better is that SyncToy comes with a command line invoker, SyncToyCmd.exe.

You get a backup solution when you combine this invoker with the Windows 7 Task Scheduler (which lives at: Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools.)

You can use the scheduler to set up a regularly scheduled task to run “SyncToyCmd.exe -R <folder-pair-name>”

The scheduler can also be configured to run this command line program at startup, and then at predefined intervals (of say, an hour) to give  you real time backups as you work on your system.

Awesome? Yes, truly. Simple? Ditto.